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Do you accept all project inquiries?

Unfortunately, as a small studio, I'm unable to accept every request. Projects are selected based on the desired aesthetic and

brand compatibility. If a project is not an ideal fit, I will do my best to suggest a designer or photographer who would be better

suited for your brand.



Do you work with clients that already have branding?

I typically only fulfill design work for clients who I've completed branding for as it sets the foundation for the brand and allows us

to envision and build on a particular direction. There are circumstances where I will collaborate with businesses not  

branded by me however, so please feel free to send your project inquiry to



What does Brand Collateral mean?

Brand Collateral is everything that supports the brand like business cards, brochures, posters, flyers, stationary, etc. The pricing

for each piece of collateral varies. Please email or fill out the contact form to receive a customized

quote for your project. 



How much do your services cost?

My fees are industry standard and because I love to work with small businesses, payment plans are available to help make

fulfilling your business' needs more feasible.  Pricing varies depending on the particular needs of each client and the scope of

the project. Please email or fill out the contact form to request a custom quote for your project.



What is your turnaround time for projects?

This is dependent on the scope of the project, however you can expect a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks for basic branding

projects. Larger projects that include full branding and photography average between 3-4 weeks to complete. I am

typically booked 3 months in advance so I suggest clients book ahead of time in order to reserve their project. 



What does the design process look like?

1.  Submit your project proposal by filling out the Contact Form or email

2.  I will send you an estimate to review and indicate the projected timeline for your project.

3.  You will then receive a contract and questionnaire to help inform the design process.

4.  The design process will begin once I receive your contract agreement, deposit, and questionnaire.

5.  I will send you digital proofs for review once I've completed the design process.

6.  We will then make any tweaks needed to your chosen design (up to two rounds of revisions).

7.  I will prep files for both print and web once we have a finalized concept.

8.  Your files will be delivered to you and any required printer(s) following final payment.




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